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The aim of the project is to contribute to making visible the invisible values in both Knidos and Datça, especially the values of 'women'. We hope you will be a part of our searching high and low for values and approaches to these issues. 

Elbruz and Deniz are explaning !


Where did the inspiration come from, and what’s the aim?
What needs to become visible again, and why? What did Aphrodite ask of the artist Elbruz Denge? What answers did Praxiteles give Elbruz? Why do this project? How did it come about, what will it contain?

The journey started with three sculptures known as the "Datça Trilogy," representing the lost values of Datça. After successfully replacing the Lion of Cnidus and Demeter, Elbruz then undertook the task of solidifying the presence of the concealed Aphrodite of Knidos. In the last 15 years, during the conception of  Aphrodite of Knidos, Elbruz decided that this sculpture could not be expressed with just one sculpture, because the values of this lost symbol did not fit into a single sculpture. This is how “Revisibility” was born and now it is time for the mysterious and lost Aphrodite to reappear in Datça.


An art and culture Project from Elbruz Denge

Art Historian Aslı Karadağlı explains:

Reflections of Knidos in Western Painting and Women: Knidos had the rarest sculptures in all of Ancient Greek art, especially the statue of Aphrodite. The statue mysteriously came to Knidos, stayed here for a long time with its mysteries, then mysteriously disappeared again and is still missing. The only thing we know is that it was definitely in Knidos at some point. The influence left by Aphrodite of Knidos and her statue run very deep. How many of these influences and how many of the values that describe the “woman” are visible?

Gülkadın Taş from Yazıköy tells stories about women of Knidos

Women inspired and empowered by Aphrodite of Knidos: The women of Knidos are free and forthright, whether they are married or single, they make decisions about their own lives. There is a harmony between the man and the woman, like the harmony between any other beings in nature.

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