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Project Activities
Revisibility: Datça Aphrodite Project

Unveiling of the Datça Aphrodite Sculpture

Planned for Septembre ‘25.

What kind of the Aphrodite Statue will appear? Where will she be placed? If the statue "Ubiquity of Aphrodite, made by Elbruz to be taken to Mars, symbolises the "thinking woman" and the "being everywhere of love" at the same time, what kind of sculpture or statue will the Aphrodite of Datça be?

Revisibility: Datça Aphrodite Project

Opening of the sculpture exhibition on the Cult of Aphrodite

Planned for April ‘25

Anteros is the child of Aphrodite. But how does he distribute love? Perhaps we will understand a little when we see the sculptures in the exhibition.

The exhibition consists of sculptures by the sculptor Elbruz Denge, based on symbols related to people, objects and events associated with Aphrodite.


Revisibility: Datça Aphrodite Project

Completion of the film
"Words of Stone"

The script is at once a documentary about Datça and Knidos, a women's film, and a film that reflects the constraints and mindset of a sculptor while creating a work of art. Bengü, a sculptor from Datça, receives an order from the municipality. It is to be the Aphrodite of Knidos. But the sculptor decides not to copy the closest copy in the Roman Museum. He searches for a model. Finally, He is inspired by a young woman. But the young woman is about to marry. When he offers her to model, even naked, unexpected events begin to unfold.  

Revisibility: Datça Aphrodite Project

Sub-project Symposia Dadia

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Symposia Dadia is a sub-project designed to address issues of “Revisibility”, especially about the concept "women”. The aim is to make these issues visible. The EU-funded "CultureCIVIC Culture and Arts Program" found the project worthy of support and awarded a grant. Symposia Dadia will end on June 15, '24.

  • Symposium Knidia, Symposium Aphrodite Knidia and Symposium Aphrodite.  On March 9, April 20 and May 18, 2024. The announcements will be made and a book of the Symposia series will be published in three languages.

  • A festival relating to the project is being planned in Datça. Announcements will be made on the subject. 

  • Efforts are being made to create the ground for organising a folk festival in Datça.

Announcements about the topics can be found here. 

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