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Elbruz Denge Profil, Foto Pierre Alain-Jaussi. 2021ED.jpg

Elbruz Denge, Sculptor, Photo: Pierre-Alain Jaussi 


Elbruz Denge was born in 1969, in his own words, he is ‘local sculptor’ from Datça. He has been drawn towards sculpture since his childhood and has been immersing himself in sculpture in Datça for the last 25 years, during which he has created more than 100 sculptures and artistic designs.


According to Elbruz Denge, “art is poetry itself”. The sculptor tries to encapsulate poetry in stone. He interprets the artistic production as the being as difficult as conceiving and giving birth to a fully grown adult. In this respect, his artistry is an emulation of motherhood. 

According to the artist, the sculpture cannot be felt by looking at it in two dimensions. Nevertheless, if you want to see it:

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Mother Dog, 2015

Mother Dog, 2015, Marble, 100 x 100 x 60 cm (with pedestal) Datça, private collection

Mother Dog

"Our minds moved into two dimensions because of screens. These feelings and thoughts led me to this form and I have reflected two-dimensionality. In the Mother Dog sculpture, only the breasts are three-dimensional, they are more real. And as I reflect on looks, the look produces meaning and significance…"

ED Evil Eye Stone

Evil Eye Stone, 2013, Mermer,  110 x 110 x 80 cm. Datça - İskele

 “An order was placed for an evil eye stone. The evil eye is the look, the look is of the night bird, their look is sharp, they see the space. Then I thought I should design a three-dimensional look. So I designed the evil eye stone with an owl's look.”

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